This website was set up by a bunch of bricks and mortar skater owned shops who are all skaters who support their local scene and wanted to do something to highlight the great work that skater owned shops with a physical presence on the high street do throughout the UK. To some skateboarders it is important to support other skaters and it can be difficult to know which shops are owned and run by skateboarders and which ones are not. It can also be difficult to find your local shop, so we’re hoping this guide will show you the shops closest to you, give you a bit of information about them and see what events they are putting on in your area.


Online shopping is having a huge effect on high street retailers and bricks and mortar skate shops are really feeling the pinch. When you buy from a local skater owned shop you are supporting your local scene. That means more video premieres in your area, more skate comps at your local park, more sponsored local skaters and more support for the local brands trying to get a start. Local skate shops more often than not do a lot of good work towards getting new skateparks in your area too. It also gives you somewhere to hang out, meet other skaters and talk with knowledgable staff about skateboarding.

Skateboarders know what’s up. A good skater owned shop isn’t going to be stocking substandard equipment just because they got a good deal on it. A skater who owns a shop and is part of their scene can pick out the good stuff that locals want, order stock in that skaters are into and make sure that legit brands are getting support and recognition in their shop. They will also help up and coming local companies by getting their products in a shop that a non skater owned shop wouldn’t give a chance to.

If you can get out there and support your local shop it may help to keep them in business so that they can continue to be a part of your local scene. We’re not anti-online, most of us also have online stores and there are some great online only stores out there supporting skateboarding (Hi Palomino!). We understand the convenience that comes with it, we’re just trying to do our bit to make sure that skater owned bricks and mortar stores don’t become a thing of the past.

By shopping with a skater owned shop you are helping to keep skateboarding in the hands of skateboarders. Skater owned shops along with other skateboarders help to make sure that decisions that directly affect skateboarding as a wider culture are made with the cultures best interests at heart.


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