We have done our best to compile a list of the skater owned shops in the UK. If you are a skater owned shop not listed on this website, or you are already listed but would like your information updating or would just like to help out please get in touch. You can contact us HERE

We would like this website to be a resource for people wanting to support skater owned shops in the UK, and a hub for those shops to help build a better community and support each other. Lets try to keep skateboarding skater owned.

Thanks to the following shops for helping to get this website together:

  • Three Amigoes
  • Legacy Skate Store
  • Bonafide Supply
  • Lariatt Skate Shop
  • Drug Store
  • Endemic
  • Loko Skate Supply
  • Cardiff Skateboard Club
  • Dissent
  • Kvltivation Skate Store
  • Division 24
  • Altar Skate Shop
  • Decimal
  • Freestyle